Work in progress

I have a limited amount of space – my studio is also my office. I don’t do well with clutter (it makes me nervous) so I try to limit myself to one project at a time.

My current project is a set of photos taken by my grandson when they were at Glamis several years ago.

This photo is my son and granddaughter . There is another similar photo with my granddaughter and her mom that I will do next.

Here is where I am after 2 days of work. The colors in this photo are not acurate – they are much brighter than they show here.

I’m not sure how I’m going to do the sun — maybe paint?

For the sunset I tried just fabric (it looked fake) and thread painting (on water soluble stabilizer, not directly on the project (it looked really bad) and finally I used fabric paint. I’m still not satisfied, but it is much better than the other attempts. I may do some touch-up after quilting.

This is done. It will be framed by my daughter-in-law. I’ll post a photo of it when the framing is done.